Tips to Save Water – Water Crisis

For months now, Cape Town has been in a draught with a water crisis,  water levels are running lower than ever, making the city the driest it has ever been. Cape Town’s water-restrictions has dropped to 50 litres per person per day.

How can we save water with Cape Town’s water crisis?

  • Use Hand-Sanitiser instead of Hand-wash

Try to use Hand-Sanitiser instead of Hand-Wash as often as you can, after using the toilet or in the office.

  • Use dry-shampoo for hair

We know it is tough not to feel clean with nicely washed hair, but given the water crisis, try stretching the days between washes with dry shampoo.

  • Grey-Water usage for car wash or Gardening

Sometimes our cars really need a good cleaning, especially if you travelled on dirt-roads. Rather use grey-water instead of your hose-pipe, for cleaning your car or watering your garden. Make sure you use eco-friendly products in your washing machine, before watering your garden with harmful chemicals.

  • Use buckets

The easiest way of saving water is using a bucket in your shower while showering and using the water afterwards for flushing your toilet. If you do not have a garden to water, you can use a bucket to collect your dish washer’s grey water and use that to flush your toilet.

  • Military-Style Shower

The classic ‘soap and save’ method means turning on the shower, move around till you have water all-over, then close the water, wash, turn the water back on, and rinse off the soap.

This is the five easiest ways to save water. Make sure you take part in saving Cape Town from Day Zero!

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