Most Popular Beaches around Cape Town

Cape Town has a few beautiful beaches, each one of them prettier than the next. We have a few favourites. Listed below you can find more information on these Favourite beaches.

Most popular beaches around Cape Town

Clifton Beaches

Clifton’s white sandy beaches range from 1st to 4th, each beach a cove separated by granite boulders. Clifton 4th beach is the largest of the four and the most popular. The water is a refreshing cool blue, but you are not at Clifton to swim, you are there to be seen.

Big Bay Beach

Big Bay beach is a pleasant little beach with great views of Table Mountain and especially of Robben Island. The beach has two rocky points that extend out into the sea creating a small bay in which surfing, windsurfing and swimming are popular. The beach itself has nice white sand with a few pebbles scattered around.


Llandudno Beach must be one of the finest Cape Town Beaches. As you wind your way down to the beach you are treated to the true beauty of this beach, white sand framed by rocky points on either side. Llandudno is great for sunbathing and recreational activities.

Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay beach is lined with palm trees and boasts views of Lions Head, Table Mountain and the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. Weather conditions are fantastic in summer and the best place to be is on the beach. With beautiful scenery, hot weather and gorgeous beach bodies one may consider this a beach paradise.

Noordhoek Beach

Noordhoek Beach is best viewed from Chapman’s Peak drive as you can see the immense size of the beach from this high vantage point. The beach is very popular with walkers, horse riders and of course surfers. Two popular surf spots are known as The Hoek and Dunes.

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