Are you a Craft Beer lover? Then have a look at these local breweries for the ultimate Craft Beer Experience!

It’s almost impossible to think about Cape Town without the thought of Craft Beer coming to mind. Cape Town and surrounds are full of local Craft Beer breweries for those craft beer fanatics.

Do you like the taste of a Pale Ale of Amber Weiss? We have listed our favourite local Craft Beer Breweries for you to choose from.

Woodstock Brewery

Woodstock Brewery is situated in the famous, vibrant suburb of Woodstock. This is the Brewery that is considered by many Capetonians as the local favourite. The Brewery is open for tastings and tours and can be combined with a meal from the Woodstock Grill & Tap.

Woodstock Brewery, 252 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Brewing Company (CBC)

This Craft Beer Company has risen to be one of the most successful breweries in Cape Town. CBC can be found in most bars and restaurants around Cape Town and the Cape Winelands, but you can also go for tastings at the Brewery. If you are looking for the best Weiss Beer in Cape Town, try their CBC Amber Weiss.

Cape Brewing Company, Suid-Agter-Paarl Rd, Paarl, South Africa

Darling Brewery

Darling Brewery was one of the first craft beer breweries in the Western Cape. As it is also one of the most common breweries in the area, you can find it in restaurants, retail stores, and bars. Visit the town of Darling
and take a tour of the Darling Brewery and see how this beer is made. The darling brewery has a wide range of Craft Beers.

Darling Brewery, 48 Caledon St, Darling, South Africa

Devils Peak Brewing Company

Devils Peak Brewery Produces some of the city most authentic and original craft beers. They produce a small but wide range of bold, original beer flavours. You can taste this beer at their taproom in Woodstock.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, 150 Cecil Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa


Stellenbrau is in the town of Stellenbosch, hence the name Stellenbrau. They produce a small range of four beer flavours using high quality ingredients. They offer tours and tastings at their taproom in Stelenbosch.
Their selection of Craft Beer is a favourite among locals and tourists.

Stellenbrau, The Woodmill Lifestyle, Vredenburg Rd, Devonvallei, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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